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If you have been thinking about applying for your Permit to Carry a Firearm (often
referred to as a "Concealed Carry Permit"), or are ready for your renewal, then
you've come to the right place.  The decision to apply for a permit, and to
ultimately carry a handgun for personal protection is a big one, but is really no
different than other decisions you've already made for the protection of yourself
and your family, such as a decision to maintain smoke alarms and a fire
extinguisher in your home, or a decision to learn CPR.  Those decisions are
nothing more than the recognition that your city's police, fire and EMS services are
not omnipresent, and will not suddenly materialize when you or your family are
confronted by a fire, a heart attack, or a violent crime.

If you've been telling yourself that you'd like to apply for your Permit to Carry "some
day," then don't delay any longer.  
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Which Class is Right for You?
At Minnesota Tactics, we teach two courses which are designed to fit our
student's specific needs, and which fulfill requirement #1 above.  Courses
include:  The "Permit to Carry Course" which is designed for individuals who
already have a basic familiarization with handguns and will be applying for their
Permit to Carry a Handgun for the first time; and the "Basic Handgun
Familiarization and Permit to Carry Combined Course" which is for students who
are inexperienced with handguns and would like a more in-depth review of the
basics, in addition to covering all Permit to Carry topics.

Each class's topics are explained with  rich graphics, diagrams, and "hand's on"
to help you to understand each of our topics.  We won't bore you with slide after
slide of text, instead, we'll capture your attention with each of our detailed,
graphically rich topics.  

To learn more about our classes, please visit our
classes page and to view the
current schedule or register, visit our
schedule and registration page.
Course Description and Fees
See our Classes Page for full course descriptions
Who this Course is For
Course Fees
Permit to Carry Course
For individuals who already
have a basic familiarization
with handguns and will be
applying for their Permit to
Carry a Firearm for the first
time or will be applying for
their renewal.

Basic Handgun
Familiarization Course
and Permit to Carry
Combined Course
For individuals who would
like to apply for their Permit
to Carry, but are
inexperienced with
handguns and would like a
more in-depth review of the
basics, in addition to
covering all Permit to Carry

Prices include a loaner handgun (if required).  
About the Book "Minnesota Permit to Carry a Firearm
Fundamentals" by Michael Martin
The book "Minnesota Permit to Carry a Firearm Fundamentals," is a
comprehensive guide for anyone considering owning or carrying a firearm for
self defense in Minnesota. The book is both a companion guide that may be
used during a Minnesota Permit to Carry a Firearm Course, as well as a
complete guide to handgun basics, shooting fundamentals, Minnesota law
(including the Permit to Carry a Firearm law, and the law governing the use of
force), and tons of other great information. The book is a comprehensive, easy
to read manual with rich graphics and diagrams, printed in full color.

Chapters include:
  • Developing a Personal Protection Plan
  • Handgun and Ammunition Basics
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Minnesota  Law and the MCPPA
  • The Legal Use of Force in Minnesota
  • Violent Encounters and Their Aftermath
  • Gear and Gadgets
  • Basic and Advanced Training
How do I get a Permit to Carry a Firearm in Minnesota?
With the passage of the "Minnesota Citizens' Personal Protection Act" in 2003,
applying for a "Permit to Carry a Firearm" is very straightforward.  Three simple
steps are required:

  1. Attend a "Permit to Carry a Firearm" course, conducted by an instructor
    certified by an organization approved by the Minnesota Department of
    Public Safety (Minnesota Tactics is included on that list).  
  2. Apply for your permit (in person) at your local Sheriff's office by turning in
    four things:
  • An accurate  copy of your course completion certificate, confirming
    that you have fulfilled requirement #1 above.
  • An accurate copy of your Government ID (such as a drivers license
    or photo page from your passport).
  • A completed application.
  • The application fee ($100 in most counties).
  1. The Sheriff has 30 days to conduct a background investigation using the
    Minnesota Crime Information System, and any other local, state or federal
    source that they deem appropriate.  The Sheriff will deny your permit if they
    believe you are ineligible to own a firearm; if you are listed as a gang
    member; or if they believe you will be a "danger to yourself or to the public."

If you pass the background investigation, you should have your permit in the mail
within the 30 day time limit.  If you are denied, our advice is to contact Marc Berris
of Segal, Roston & Berris at   Marc is one of just a
handful of lawyers in Minnesota with substantial experience representing
firearms owners, both in connection with the defensive use of a firearm, as well
as in challenging denials of pistol carry permits.  
Which Other States Honor the Minnesota Permit?
Like all state-issued Permits to Carry a Firearm, the Minnesota Permit is
recognized and honored in a large number of other states.

Further, as of November 2014, our training is recognized in more than 25 states
as sufficient to get an actual permit from those state.
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Excerpt:  "I like this book so
much that I would be
absolutely thrilled to see one
published for each state.  
Until Michael Martin makes
one of these books for my
state, I’ll be using this one as
an introductory text to the
fundamentals of concealed
carry for anyone who asks
me for a comprehensive
book covering what they
need to know.  This book is a
great portable teacher."

Cody S. Alderson, USCCA
Gear Review